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Pooled Equipment Inventory Company provides a mechanism for utilities to jointly procure and store nuclear generating unit equipment items which are very expensive and have such a low probability of failure that it is not cost effective for utilities to individually stock them. Access to this equipment pool allows Participants to hold smaller individual inventories; thereby, they reduce their procurement and maintenance costs without increasing the risks associated with major component failure. The Equipment is stored and maintained in storage facilities located in Memphis, TN and Phoenix, AZ. While both are readily accessible to air and truck transportation, the Memphis warehouse also has access to rail and barge transportation. Both warehouses store the Equipment in secure, long-term facilities that comply in accordance with ANSI N45.2 Level B storage environments, while the Memphis warehouse also has Level C storage capability. All Equipment is maintained in a ready-to-install condition (with a few approved exceptions) under a comprehensive maintenance and inspection program. Most items can be delivered to a plant site within twenty-four (24) hours of notification. Additionally, these two Storage Facilities act as the National SAFER Response Centers for the United States commercial nuclear electric industry.